Christopher M. Kribs

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Distinguished Teaching Professor
     and Distinguished Research Professor
Departments of Mathematics and
     Curriculum & Instruction
The University of Texas at Arlington


483 Pickard Hall
UTA Mathematics Department
P. O. Box 19408
Arlington, TX 76019-0408

Phone: (817) 272-5513
Fax: (817) 272-5802

I work in mathematics education and mathematical biology, and have been at UTA since 1997. I'm originally from Dallas and did my undergraduate work at Duke University and my graduate work at the University of Wisconsin, in Madison.

I coordinate UTA's undergraduate and graduate programs in K-8 mathematics education (teacher preparation and professional development). My mathematical research uses systems of differential (and sometimes integral) equations to model the spread of epidemics. My educational research focuses on the teaching and learning of K-8 mathematics.

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Last updated 25 May 2017