EDML 4372-001
Mathematics in the Middle Grades

Fall 2017
Tuesdays 9AM--12 noon
Trimble Hall 111

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Instructor: Dr. Christopher Kribs
Office: 483 Pickard Hall
Phone: (817)272-5513
Fax: (817)272-5802
email: kribs@uta.edu
WWW: http://mathed.utasites.cloud/kribs
Office Hours, Fall 2017: after class and by appointment

NOTE: Technical information such as prerequisites, text materials, course format and assignments, and other details can be found in the syllabus, a copy of which is provided in a link at the top of this page.

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Week 3: see Week 14 below

Week 14: videos for Building Viewpoints (and The Location) and 3D printing;
Crazy Cakes: DMI, Investigations

Week 15: video on direct measurement of the surface area of a sphere, using an orange

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