K-8 Mathematics Education at UTA

The Mathematics Department at UTA offers a set of six graduate courses in K-8 mathematics education, intended to help elementary and middle grades mathematics teachers improve their content knowledge in ways that will impact their understanding of mathematics as a field of endeavor for both children and adults, as well as impact their classroom teaching. One course will be offered every fall, spring, and summer (I) semester. These courses may be taken a la carte by special students, but also fulfill the content-area specialization requirement for an M.Ed. degree in Curriculum and Instruction through the College of Education.

The six courses are as follows: Click here for graduate catalog listings for these 6 courses.
Program Director and Instructor: Dr. Christopher Kribs
Office: 483 Pickard Hall
Phone: (817)272-5513
Fax: (817)272-5802
email: kribs(at)uta.edu
WWW: http://mathed.utasites.cloud/kribs
Program Co-Director and Instructor: Dr. Theresa Jorgensen
Office: 434 Pickard Hall
Phone: (817)272-1321
Fax: (817)272-5802
email: jorgensen(at)uta.edu
WWW: http://www.uta.edu/faculty/tjorgens

The additional courses required for the M.Ed. degree beyond the six above are:

The last two of these courses involve an action research project which serves as a master's project in lieu of a thesis.
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