Math 1330: Arithmetical Problem Solving
Section 004, Fall 2008

This page contains details specific to Section 004 (the 11:00 TTh section) of UTA's Math 1330 in the fall 2008 term. For general information about Math 1330, click here.


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Class bulletin board

Our online class bulletin board is an extension of our in-class community. Feel free to post messages here intended for the entire class to read. I will try to check the board regularly, especially before assignments are due, and answer questions specifically directed to me, but will not otherwise interfere with discussions. I encourage you to use this forum to discuss things with each other.

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Grades, in detail

As published in the syllabus, your grade for the course will be determined by two exams (20% each), by attendance (which acts as a multiplier) and participation (20%), and in large part by the written work (40%). Therefore, at any point in the semester you can estimate your grade by writing down a figure for each of the five components (midterm, exam, participation, and written work added in twice), adding and dividing by five, and then multiplying by the percentage of times you've attended class (in the case that you've missed more than 3 classes, tardies included). Of course, before you've taken the midterm it may be hard to estimate exam grades. You can estimate participation by averaging the proportion of the time you've come to class with all necessary materials and out-of-class work done and ready to present, with the proportion of weeks in which you've spoken up in large-group discussion or written on the board at least once. At the end of the semester, I will convert numerical grades (0-100) into letter grades by a scale no harsher than the traditional 90=A, 80=B, etc. scale.


As the semester goes on, I may post updates here, reminders of homework assignments, or other materials relevant to class discussion. Below is a (partial) list of written assignments with due dates.

AssignmentDue Date
Reflection 1: What is math? Tue 02 Sep 2008
Write-up 1: Poison Thu 04 Sep 2008
Write-up 2: Utopia Thu 11 Sep 2008
Write-up 3: Painting the Cube Thu 18 Sep 2008
Reflection 2: Group Dynamics Thu 25 Sep 2008
Write-up 4: Clock Arithmetic(s) Thu 02 Oct 2008
Reflection 3: Hard problems Thu 09 Oct 2008
Write-up 5: Mayan Multiplication Thu 23 Oct 2008
Write-up 6: The Bagel Problem Tue 04 Nov 2008
Write-up 7: Fractions and Decimals Thu 13 Nov 2008
Write-up 8: Divisibility Tests Thu 20 Nov 2008
Write-up 9: The Stamps Problem Tue 02 Dec 2008
Reflection 4: Epiphanies (optional)Thu 04 Dec 2008
Reflection 5: Letter to the Future Thu 04 Dec 2008
Reflection 6: Conjectures (optional)Thu 04 Dec 2008

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