Grades 4-8 Teacher Certification at UT Arlington

UTA offers initial teacher certification through both undergraduate degrees and postbaccalaureate programs in the College of Education. For full details, see the corresponding section of the UTA Undergraduate Catalog and the appropriate advising link on the CoEd home page.

All undergraduates seeking certification to teach mathematics in grades 4-8 (including as a generalist) must take the following sequence of 5 mathematics courses, intended to prepare students mathematically to teach mathematics:

(Undergraduate students seeking certification to teach English language arts and social studies only must take College Algebra and MATH 1330 only.) Students must also take the following methods course, intended to prepare students pedagogically to teach mathematics: A full list of required classes for initial certification at the 4-8 level can be obtained from an advisor. This page lists only those related to mathematics education.
This page last modified 19 August 2008.