Mathematics Education at UT Arlington

This is the home page for and the mathematics education program at the University of Texas at Arlington. UTA offers courses in mathematics content and pedagogy for prospective teachers at the undergraduate level, as well as graduate degrees for practicing mathematics teachers. Please see below for program faculty and further information on the programs and courses we offer.


Department of Mathematics
Department of Curriculum & Instruction

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College of Education




  • UT Arlington Mathematics Teacher Preparation Academy (UTA MTPA) -- This project, funded by an MSTTPA Cycle 3 grant from the THECB, provided support for 50 practicing mathematics teachers and 15 undergraduate pre-service mathematics teachers to take graduate and undergraduate courses, respectively, in mathematics education at all levels.
  • UT Arlington Teacher Quality Project -- This project, funded by Teacher Quality Grants from the THECB, provided support (2006-2016) for over 200 local mathematics teachers to complete the graduate program in K-8 mathematics education.


For more details on course offerings, please see UTA's undergraduate and graduate catalogs.

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